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Managing Documents

Here we will demonstrate how to:

  • Upload documents

  • Create folders

  • Edit or delete files

  • Add links

Upload Documents

Navigate to: [Company Settings] → [Documents]

  1. Go to the Settings tab on the left panel to the Documents page and select [+ Add New].

  1. Select [Upload New Files].

  1. Drag & drop OR select the file to upload from finder.

  • You can add tags at the time of upload to view files by tag later.

  • You can also add and edit tags after you have uploaded the documents.

Create Document Folders

Navigate to: [Company Settings] → [Documents]

You may create folders to manage files by categories.

     1. In the [Documents] page, select [+ Add New] button on the right and select [Create New Folder].

     2. Enter the new folder name and select [Create]. You will see the created folder
          above the list of files.

You can move an uploaded file into another folder by selecting [⋮] toggle button on the right hand side followed by [Edit].

Edit or Delete Files

Navigate to: [Company Settings] → [Documents]

  1. To edit or delete an uploaded document, click on [:] on the right side of the bar. You can edit the file name, folder location and tags.

Note: You cannot restore a file once deleted.

Add Links

Navigate to [Company Settings] → [Documents]

You can gather all your frequently visited websites, Google Doc files, Google Drives and Dropbox links in one place.

1. In the [Documents] page, click [+ Add New] button on the right and select [Add a File Link].

2. Enter the file name, link and tags (optional) then select [Add].

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