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3. LP Portal

Inviting LPs and Other Investors to QuotaBook

🚩Navigate to [Funds][Partners]

  1. Select the individuals or institutions you wish to invite to the LP Portal and click [ ⁝ ] and select [Invite]

  1. An email invitation will be sent to the invited investors and they'll be given access to their individual portal

LP Portal Announcement Board

🚩Navigate to [Funds][Partners] [Board]

  1. Select [Create Post]

  2. Select an existing category or input a new entry

  3. Draft title, post details, and attach relevant files if applicable

  4. Choose to send to all LPs or select select LPs for receipt

  1. An email alarm will be sent to the LPs and they'll be able to send messages in response.

For Investors

For Private Companies

For Investors

For Private Companies