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Defining Different Types of Participators and Users

This page explains the following user types:

  • Stakeholders

  • Managers

  • External participators

  • Internal users

  • External users

On QuotaBook, different types of participator and user groups exist.

Each group gives different authority to the members, so it is important to allocate the person to the right group.

Don’t be confused, we will explain to you which group is for which person.

1. Stakeholders

Stakeholders are people who own a share of the company. Invite people such as angel investors, fund managers, CEO, co-founders, and employees who received stock options.

👉 If you want to add stakeholders, refer to Adding Stakeholders and Managers.

2. Managers

A manager is a person who takes charge of the fund and investment case of your company.

  • If the manager of the fund is one person, you can add him/her while you are adding the fund through Stakeholders tab.

  • If there are two or more managers, you can add them by clicking Manager tab.

3. External participators

External participator refers to an institution to which you grant access permission to share your equity/corporate data on QuotaBook.

Usually, it is an accelerator or incubator.

  • Add institution information at [External Participator] > [Institution] > [+Add New].

  • You can also add the manager of the institution at [External Participator] > [Manager] > [+Add New].

4. Internal Users

Internal users are people within your company. Invite people like the finance manager and HR manager to view and manage data and documents.

👉 If you want to add internal users, refer to Adding Internal Users.

5. External Users

External users are people who don’t work at your company, but still can manage the data on QuotaBook.

Usually legal or accounting advisors are invited as external users. Save time by sharing and updating the document with external users in QuotaBook!

👉 If you want to add external users, refer to Inviting Legal / Accounting Advisors and Partners.

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