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2. Deal CRM - Deal Flow Management

Table Customization + Attribute Setting

🚩Navigate to [Deal Flow Process]

  • Completely customize and configure your table CRM settings to fit your investment opportunity tracking needs

  • To add a new [Attribute]

    1. Navigate to [Manage Attributes] or select the [+] sign on the right hand side of the table

    2. Select the data type you would like to track

      • Text, Number, Currency, Date, Select, and Multi Select

        • Select → Create options for one selection

        • Multi Select → Create options for various selections

    3. Manage attribute and column settings via [Manage Attributes]

Managing Deal Flow Stage Settings

🚩Navigate to [Deal Flow Process] → [Manage]

  • Customize deal flow stages by adding or delete deal flow stages

  • Mark required items per deal flow stage

Deal Opportunity Information Inputting

🚩Navigate to [Deal Flow Process] → [View]

  • Select [Edit] and [+] to file necessary information and files pertaining to the deal opportunity

  • To move on to the next deal process stage, please select the next stage button on the top right

To drop or delete a deal, please select the toggle button on the top right and click [Drop] or [Delete Review History]

For Investors

For Private Companies

For Investors

For Private Companies