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1. Adding Investments

🚩 Navigate to [Funds] → Select Specific Fund -> [Investments / Returns] tab

  • From [Investments / Returns] tab, you can add, log and track investments, conversions, and exits while tracking other fund-related metrics.

Adding Investments

  1. From the Fund's [Investments / Returns] tab, select [Add Investment] on your upper right

  2. When adding a new investment, select [Add a Company] and enter preliminary portfolio company/investment details

  3. Select the newly added portfolio company under [Company] and input the required fields pertaining to your investment

(You must fill in all required fields marked with * to save the updated information)

Required Fields:

a. Company Name

b. Investment Date

c. Investment Currency

d. Investment Type (Equity, Bonds, Project Financing)

e. Security Type (security class involved in transaction)

f. New Issue/Secondary

g. # of Shares Transacted

h. Price Per Share

i. Investment Amount

j. Total # of Outstanding Shares After the Transaction (Post)

For Investors

For Private Companies

For Investors

For Private Companies