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3. Adding Company Capital Change Updates

🚩 Navigate to the fund’s page → followed by the [Investments / Returns] tab

  • From the [Investments / Returns] tab, you can log and track portfolio investments, disinvestments and other related metrics

Adding Changes in Portfolio’s Equity

  1. Select [⁝] button on your right next to the specific investment you wish to update and select [Manage Updates/Valuation]

  2. Select [Add Update History] on the upper right of the ‘Update History’ table and select [Add Capital Change History]

  3. Select the type of capital change you would like to log (stock split, bonus issue, capital reduction, etc.) and fill in necessary fields

(You must fill in all required fields marked with * to save the updated information)

Viewing Changes in Equity For Investments Made From Multiple Funds

1. If the portfolio company has been invested from multiple funds, you can also check changes in investment from other funds by ticking [Hide Updates by Other Transactions] to reveal transactions

  • Inputs, updates or changes can only be made from the respective fund’s [Investment / Returns] tab within your Fund page

2. Tick off the box if you’d like to hide any transaction information from other funds

For Investors

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For Investors

For Private Companies