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Managing Board Members

This document explains how to add and manage board members on QuotaBook.

Navigate to: [Company Settings] → [Settings] → [Board Members] tab

  • To check board member informations, navigate to Settings.

  • You can view the entire history of the past and current board members and their terms in the [Board Members] tab.

  • You can enter the board member information on QuotaBook to manage and work on action items regarding board members.
      ∘  Manage board member terms (Coming soon: Sending term completion       reminders to board members)
      ∘  Draft documents requiring CEO signatures (ex. Shareholder lists)
      ∘  Manage board of directors (Coming soon)

Add board members

Navigate to: [Company Settings] → [Settings] → [Board Members] tab → [ + Add Member]

  • Add board members by clicking on the [ + Add Member] button on the top right.

  • You can add both current and past board members.

  • Update the fields below to add a board member:

            ∘  Name and email

            ∘  Role: The title held by the member (ex. CEO, Co-CEO, Managing                 Director, Outside Director)

            ∘  Status: If he/she is in office or was in the past

            ∘  Start date: The date the board member took office

            ∘  End date: The date the board member’s term ended (only applies to past                 members)

Click Submit to save changes.

If you need to edit or delete a board member from the list, click on the [⋮] on the right end of the member you wish to edit or delete.

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