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Data Rooms Management

Here's how to:

  • Create data rooms;

  • Create and manage permissions; and

  • Check access logs.

Data Room Access + Folder Creation

Navigate to: [Dashboard] → [Data Rooms]

1. To create a new data room, select [+ Create New] on the panel on your left.

2. Select a name for the data room - we recommend naming data rooms based on their associated funding rounds.

3. To upload relevant documents or links, select [+ Add New] and choosing the upload type. Through this portal, you can also upload any previously stored file from My Documents.

Setting Access Permissions

Navigate to: [Dashboard] → [Data Rooms]

  • You have the option of inviting your investors and partner VCs to the data room by selecting [+ Add user] from the Permissions tab

  • You will receive a Joined notification once the invited user accepts the data room invite

Checking Access Logs

  • Have complete dominion and transparency in viewing who accessed which files at what time

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