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4. Adding Valuation History

🚩  Navigate to [Funds] → Select Fund → [Investments / Returns]

  • From the [Investments / Returns], you can log and track investments made into the portfolio company in addition to capital changes, exits, impairments or conversions.

  • Please note that you can also input your valuation history information via [⁝] → [Add Investment History] → [Apply investment record into investment valuation]

Adding Valuation History

  1. Select the [⁝] toggle button on the right hand side of the specific investment/portfolio company you wish to update and select [Manage Updates/Valuation]

  2. Select [Add Valuation History] under Valuation History

  3. Select the type of valuation, input all required information, and select [Add]  

(You must fill in all required fields marked with * to save the updated information)

For Investors

For Private Companies

For Investors

For Private Companies