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Account Settings

🚩Navigate to [My Accounts] → [Accounts]

Edit Account Settings

  1. Updating user information can be done via [My Accounts]

  2. Click the user name at the upper right of the page, then click [My Accounts]

Update Email Address

1. From [My Accounts], scroll down and select [Change Email]

2. Enter the new email address that will be replacing your previous one and select [Send Link]

3. An email verification request will be sent to the newly registered email address. Select “Verify Email” within the email request to update and confirm your email address. 😃

Change QuotaBook Language Setting

  1. From [My Accounts], scroll down and select the [Language] dropdown

  2. Select the language you want to apply

💡 Note: QuotaBook is currently only available in English and Korean

3. Select [Submit] to set the language change

👉 Questions?

Click the chat box at the bottom right corner of the QuotaBook home page

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