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Make equity simple with Quotabook

One single platform

Manage cap tables, investments, stakeholders, equity plans and more. Automatic updates with every transaction that can reduce time and money spent on outside firms.

  • Cap table & Stakeholder management

  • Electronic securities

  • Stock options & vesting

  • Fund administration

  • Votings

  • Visual analytics

  • Data room & security


Automate and modernize equities

All approved securities issued will be updated seamlessly and real-time.

Optimize stock options

Manage stock options and plans from issuance, vesting, awards, and more.

Align board meetings and agendas

Prepare general meetings and agendas with just few clicks.


One simple dashboard for fund administration

View and manage latest ownership changes and use metadata to customize to your needs.

Complete portfolio management at your fingertips

Easily track key metrics, reportings, and detailed updates of your portfolios.

Past and current investment

View history of funding and valuations at each milestone. Prepare and analyze impact of future funding and any potential changes in the cap table.


Top Clients

#1 Solution in Korea

Leading platform in the equity management space.

VCs and Asset Management Partnerships

Used by most of the top early-stage VCs in Korea.

Global Acknowledgement

Partnered with global funds and investors.

Financial and security institutions

Quotabook partners with financial institutions and public sectors to ensure transparency, security, and credibility for our users.

The only platform that works with transfer agents

We are the only equity management solution that has direct channel with transfer agents.

Complete corporate services

We partner with all levels of corporate services including law firms, accounting and cross-border agents so you can spend more time on growth.

A-Z business registration services

We help businesses have the right documents for new incorporations and changes to the corporate structure.

Your data belongs to you

We maintain strict protocol to keep your company and your company data safe and secure.

SSL packet encryption

ISO27001 certified and PCI DSS Level 1 AWS servers

AES-256 file encryption

PDF and webpage watermarks

Real-time data access alerts